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Futurama happens to be one of the most popular sci-fi anime shows of all time in the sitcom genre and has been created by the very famed Matt Groening. Launched on 28th March, 1999 on the Fox network the series came to an end on 10th August, 2003.

Phillip J. Fray is the central character of the show who is a pizza delivery boy in New York but just as the year 2000 is about to start he gets frozen cryogenically, only to be thawed years later, on the New Year Eve of 2999. Now, as he is not very brilliant and is quite juvenile in many ways, his uncle, Professor Huber J. Farnsworth 030212 1346 WatchFutura1 Watch Futurama Episodes Online in HDappoints him with a job in his own business which is a ship named Planet Express and his work is all about being a delivery boy for cargo.

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Futurama – Cancelled Again

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The Planet Express ship will soon make its final delivery.

Comedy Central has decided not to renew Futurama, which means that the 31st-century-set animated comedy will end its 140-episode run on Sept. 4. The final 13 episodes, which represent the second half of season 7, begin airing on June 19 at 10 p.m.

Futurama is no stranger to cancellation, of course: The series aired from 1999 to 2003 before Fox sent Fry & Co. into oblivion. After thriving in reruns on Adult Swim, Futurama was relaunched in 2007 with four-direct-to-DVD movies that Comedy Central ran in half-hour increments as a 16-episode fifth season in 2008-09. Comedy Central subsequently ordered a sixth season of 26 episodes, which aired in 2010-11, and a seventh season of 26 episodes, the first half of which debuted in 2012.

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Futurama – Season 7 Episode 10 – Near-Death Wish

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Episode Name:  Near-Death Wish

10:00 PM , Comedy Central

Air date:  8/15/2012

Summary: The Professor is upset when his parents return from virtual retirement aboard the Near-Death Star.

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Futurama – Season 7 – New DVD / Blu-Ray Release Date

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080212 0640 FuturamaSea1 Futurama   Season 7   New DVD / Blu Ray Release Date

We reported earlier that the 7th season of “Futurama” would be out on DVD and Blu-Ray release on December 18th, but now, the studio has announced the release date of December 11, 2012. In addition, we now have the list of bonus features:

- Full-length Commentary on All 13 Episodes
- Bonus Commentary on Episode 7.02, “A Farewell To Arms,” by the Animators of Rough Draft Studios
- Alternate Ending for Episode 7.05, “Zapp Dingbat”
- Christopher Tyng’s Big Score: A Jam Session with Futurama’s Innovative Composer
- Futurama Karaoke: Sing Along with Your Favorite Characters
- Möbius Trip: Infinite Futurama Screen Loops
- Too Good For TV: A Smorgasbord of Deleted Scenes

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Futurama Season 7 Episode 7 The Six Million Dollar Mon – Recap

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072612 1026 FuturamaSea1 Futurama Season 7 Episode 7 The Six Million Dollar Mon   Recap

Futurama Season 7 Episode 7 The Six Million Dollar Mon: Hermes does a performance review of the Planet Express staff, vowing to fire the most inefficient employee. This turns out to be himself, and he’s replaced by a bureaucratic robot. In order to reclaim his job and be more efficient, he starts augmenting himself with robotic parts. It starts with a harpoon in his chest, before he eventually is almost entirely robotic. He eventually wants to get a robot brain installed by Professor Farnsworth, who digs up the brain of the psychopathic stabbing robot Roberto, who was killed after he threatened to steal LaBarbara’s skin.

Hermes eventually gets his robot brain, though his human brain is put back in his old body that Zoidberg kept and was using as a ventriloquist’s dummy. Roberto is felled when he tries to eat Hermes’ skin, which melts him when it proves to be too spicy thanks to years of LaBarbara’s Jamaican cooking.

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072612 1026 FuturamaSea2 Futurama Season 7 Episode 7 The Six Million Dollar Mon   Recap
072612 1026 FuturamaSea3 Futurama Season 7 Episode 7 The Six Million Dollar Mon   Recap


Futurama – Volume 7 – DVD & Blu-Ray Package Arts

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The package art for the 7th volume set of “Futurama” is now available! A release date, however, is still not available.

070412 1813 FuturamaVol1 Futurama – Volume 7 – DVD & Blu Ray Package Arts

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Futurama – Season 7 – Premiere Date

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Futurama” (Season Seven Premiere)

Wednesday, June 20 at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

Prepare to be transported to the year 3000 for the return of Fry, Bender, Leela and the usual cast of twelve-dimensional space monsters. Back by popular demand, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen’s brilliantly subversive animated sci-fi comedy “Futurama” debuts its seventh season on COMEDY CENTRAL this summer. In 2011, the series earned two Emmy(R) Awards for Outstanding Animated Program and Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for Maurice LaMarche. “Futurama” follows the life of Philip J. Fry (Billy West), a pizza delivery boy who accidentally stumbles into a freezer on December 31, 1999 and wakes up a thousand years later. In his future home of New New York City, Fry goes to work for the Planet Express Intergalactic delivery company, where he befriends Bender (John DiMaggio), a booze-fueled robot, and sets his romantic sights on Leela (Katey Sagal), a sexy cyclops who enjoys beating him up.



Futurama Season 6 Finale Episode Recap

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With this week’s “Reincarnation” episode the Futurama episodes of this season came to an end. But not to worry as the series have not ended forever and will be returning back with all new episodes of another season. But till then let us discuss the Futurama Season 6 Finale episode which was very interesting and full of humor. Read on to know more about the episode.

As this week’s episode 26 of Futurama Season 6 was the final episode it had to be pretty good and it sure was. It had three segments each made in different styles of animation but all were based on one story arc being continued and that was Professor Farnsworth discovering a comet named Diamondium. In first black and white segment titled “Colorama” Professor asks the crew to get the dust from the comet during which Fry finds a gem that he wants to gift to Leela while proposing her and for this he plants doomsday machine on the comet.

But instead of gifting a ring in a unique way as planned by Fry, he and Leela gets caught into the dust of the comet after the destruction of the comet and get trapped in a ring. Then started the second segment of Futurama Season 6 Finale episode which was a low resolution video game. This was an average segment as compared to others in which Fry motivated the Professor to solve the laws of Universe.

Last and the best segment of Futurama Season 6 Episode 26 was third one in which we had aliens worshipping the comet coming to attack Earth for comet’s destruction. Must say the way Doctor Zoidberg saved the Earth was amazing.

Those who missed this episode can watch “Futurama” online.

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 13 “Reincarnation” Review

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Reincarnation” brought Futurama’s season to a close in a wonderfully hilarious and original way.

I wasn’t sure how well “Colorama” would recreate an old time Steamboat Willie/Disney-esque cartoon, but it was pulled off beautifully and with plenty of Futurama charm. It was like watching a time capsule – the black and white was gorgeous – all while mocking the limitations and quirks of the medium, such as the never-ending bobbing of the characters and an attempt to display a rainbow in black and white.

091011 0805 FuturamaSea1 Futurama Season 8 Episode 13 Reincarnation Review

Also, thanks to Amy, I’m going to attempt to work “you’re booping my Betty” into everyday conversation.

The 8-bit video game “episode” was a close second in terms of my favorite “Reincarnations,” but the only thing that wasn’t believable was the fact that the “game” was just the professor zooming in on a log. Because this was a video game, there should have been some more action.

Thankfully, Bender was there to go through some of my favorite 8 bit clichés. For instance: exiting one side of the stage and reappearing on the opposite side.

My favorite, though, was the anime episode. It made fun of everything that was sometimes bad about dubbed anime. From the random laughing, awkward sentences and pauses, to the same building being blown up for multiple locations and events, it was all there. But the icing on the cake had to be when Fry and Bender played DDR in their attempt to communicate with the aliens.

Plus, Amy looked like a knock off of Sailor Moon.

Overall, “Reincarnation” ended everything on a high note. I hope someday Futurama will actually give all of the great premises their own full-length episodes.

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Futurama Season 6 Episode 24 “Cold Warrior” Recap

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Futurama episodes are loved by its fans just because of humor it has but this week’s episode failed in making its viewers laugh and that’s why it was considered as an average episode. Moving ahead with the episode, it was titled “Cold Warriors” and was aired on 25th August, Thursday.

Futurama Season 6 Episode 24 was based on the theme of common cold and that is why the title was kept as “Cold Warriors”. The episode had Planet Express crew suffering from common cold and being quarantined. Fry was the first one to get common cold and he transfers the virus in others leading to further problems. The problem worsens as common cold had been eradicated 500 years back and now the bodies are not able to fight back its virus.

The entire crew is quarantined during this Futurama Season 6 Episode 24. But due to Bender the virus starts spreading in Manhattan. The theme of the episode was interesting but it was not able to create much of humor.

The episode 24 of Futurama Season 6 took us back in year 1988 also when Fry had entered a science competition and had lost it due to his rival Gedgie’s experiment which was copied from Fry only. Finally we see Planet Express crew escaping and finding the satellite and the common cold virus to cure their disease. All of them get cured from common cold.

Those of you who missed this episode can watch “Futurama” online.